Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweetpea!

This time last year, Lauren was finishing up a few hours of labor with one final push and the midwife was extracting our broad-shouldered daughter. It was a bloody mess, but we were all so happy to have it done, especially Lauren, who made it to the finish line without the aid of drugs.

So... how to celebrate her first birthday? How about dropping her off at our nanny's house for roughly 12 hours so we can go to hear the Chicago Symphony? Yeah, that sounds about right.

We're having a real birthday party for her tomorrow. You're all invited, except that there won't be enough cake for everyone and most of you would have to stand outside because we'll quickly run out of room in our apartment. Feel free to bring gifts; think gold, frankincense, or that other stuff that I can't seem to spell this morning and don't have time to look up. I mean, she already has plenty of toys, so what else does she need?

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  1. And in my haste to get on the road (we ended up getting to the train station just as the train was pulling in), I forgot to talk about the way that a year can feel like we've ALWAYS had a child. Or anyway, it's hard to remember what it's like to be childless. And that's not a bad thing.

    All in all, it's been a good first year. Happy birthday Thea!