Friday, February 4, 2011


It's been nice to get back to my family and to work, however briefly.

My cadets seemed to be doing well enough without me: while I was gone, they went and won the Military Banner competition over all the other units, for the first time all year. I guess they hardly need me! Still, they all seemed glad enough to see me, and virtually all of them asked how my mom was doing. They're a bunch of good eggs, my boys. And, of course, I'll be heading back to Ohio on Sunday and so will be away from them probably another couple days. So it goes. They've been good in my absence and so many of my colleagues have stepped up to help out, from my bosses who told me to take the time I needed and that family comes first down to my peers who have stepped in to do the actual work that I can't be there to do (more or less constant access to e-mail doesn't hurt either!).

It has also, of course, been great to be back with the females in my life. When I walked up to the door yesterday around noon, the door had gotten locked, so I had to dig out my key. Before I'd even done that, though, I could hear Beaker expressing her joy at my return. Our daughter also seemed glad to see me and to show off how much she'd grown up in the four days since I'd seen her: I swear, she's suddenly walking all the time, where before she had to be cajoled with a spotlight to do so. My baby's getting so big! And, of course, it's been good to get back to my wife as well. Although she didn't wag her tail quite as much as Beaker did, she was clearly glad to see me, though I have a sneaking suspicion that's as much about child and dog care as it is any merits inherent to myself....

We will, as a family (well, sorry Beaker, as most of a family) be heading back to Ohio Sunday to be present for a dual surgery to do a heart bypass and clear out the carotid arteries. It's not risk-free, but the odds are in our favor. I'm not sure how long I'll be up there this time around, though my girls are pretty much committed to come back to Indiana Monday evening while I'll probably stay at least until Tuesday. Here we go again, but for now I'll just enjoy the call in the eye of the storm that's passing through our lives.

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  1. Obviously, I've fallen behind, John. I will be sending prayers and good wishes in your family's direction as your mom goes through surgery. I know how hard it was taking care of Tory's mom and aunt, and our children were mostly grown up. It's not that one minds taking care of the people who nurtured us, but it's tough being in the middle of that sandwich. May all go well!