Monday, January 9, 2012

Back in the Saddle(s)

Although I actually spent all yesterday evening in the barrack on duty, today marked the official return to school. I had blogged earlier about the way that break takes us out of our routines, so I guess now it's time to blog about getting back into routines.
I won't be writing about work, but the habit I'll spend my time on involved getting my fix of exercise. Even though my phone alarm failed to go off (I refuse to believe we didn't hear it at 5:30, since we certainly heard the 3 am "nature sounds" alarm on the radio out in the living room), I did get a workout in this morning. I continue to tinker with the routine, trying to find (decide) what fits my goals and constraints. Although I enjoyed my 90 days of P90X, now that Lauren and I need to either drive in to work together or else take two cars, I have trouble with a lot of the P90X workouts, because they tend to run to an hour and fifteen minutes or more. Anyway, I'm also very taken by the 4-Hour Body ideas of a "minimum effective dose" when it comes to exercise, and I suspect that P90X almost over-does it sometimes. So I think what I'm looking at will be something like this:

Monday: a pared down workout that focuses on exercises that work several muscles in a major group (bench press, deadlift, lat pulldowns) plus an ab workout with the dreaded Torture Twist. After three weeks off, they were, in fact, torturous.
Tuesday: yoga (I haven't done yoga in months now because of my shoulder injury, and I miss it), probably the P90X DVD.
Wedhesday: either similar to the Monday workout or some kind of shoulders and arms workout (maybe the P90X workout, but I'll probably cut it down to fit my schedule)
Thursday: I lead a plyometrics class, which is [ever more] loosely based on the P90X program.
Friday: an exercise routine that looks very much like Monday's
Saturday: P90X Kenpo X workout
Sunday: P90X X-Stretch

Day 1 back on the wagon is in the books. Assuming the scales haven't been recalibrated while I was gone, it looks like I haven't put on any weight in the past month, despite spending the holidays eating like the pig that we ate for Christmas. I'm back in the saddle and--so far--have no sores to report.

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