Thursday, December 23, 2010

Missing blog, missing wife, missing an opportunity

This has not been my day.
I went to update my blog today and... it appeared to be gone. Eventually, I went to log into my gmail account (it's not my primary e-mail account, but it is the one associated with the blog. It turned out that I was locked out of my e-mail because of "suspicious activity." Once I went through the process of unlocking my account, it turned out that someone had gotten into my account and sent spam. Apparently, someone wants me to sell Acai for them.

I was afraid whoever had done that had also deleted my blog, but it reappeared eventually--I'm guessing that the hacking of my blog froze up everything associated with it. I guess I should be glad they didn't try to sell Acai through my blog and post it to Holidailes.

I've been on-line since 1995 and in the 15 years since, I'd never had a trouble with having my account hacked. I've received my fair share of spam, I've had a virus here or there, but never has my account been hacked. And then, around Thanksgiving, someone got into my Facebook account and initiated chat conversations trying to get my friends to click on some link. So within a month or so, I've now gone from never having been hacked to having two different accounts hacked in almost no time.
This, however, was not even the main attraction. Last night, Lauren had a stuffy nose. She took something for it and went to put Thea down to sleep.

Already, I find I should digress a bit. You see, we're attachment parents. That means a lot of things, but among them is that Thea sleeps in the same bed we do. For now--she's out of there before she's 13, tops. While not a direct result of the Attachment Parenting philosophy, we have ignored the advice to not let Thea remain used to falling asleep nursing, so a corrolary of that is that Lauren is the most effective at putting her to bed--and getting her back to sleep when she wakes up. I can sometimes manage, but when I do it, I've always got a safety net.

Back to last night. At some point, Thea woke up and that woke me up, and I realized that Lauren wasn't there. I shushed her and rubbed her back and got her back to sleep. Well, I thought, maybe Lauren wasn't feeling well sleeping with us or she was hacking and didn't want to disturb Thea or maybe she just needed a good night's sleep.

Whatever the reason, as a result, I learned what it's like to be the parent who soothes the child back to sleep each time she wakes--and that either happens more than I've heretofore realized or she was especially wakeful. If the latter, it may have been because mama wasn't there or it may have been because she was developing her own little stuffy nose. In any case, I didn't get nearly as much sleep as I usually do, but I found myself also far more attuned to Thea than I normally am. Usually, I'm only really aware of her when she's encroaching on my space (in which case I usually end up halfway hanging off the bed). Last night, as soon as she would wake up, I would wake up (well, maybe not totally wake up) and quickly, efficiently soothe her back to sleep.

Around 6 or 7, I found out what the real story was: Lauren had been really, really sick--diarrhea and vomiting all night. We're still not sure whether it was food poisoning (our original hypothesis, for which we can't muster much evidence) or a virus of some sort (fortunately, no one else is ill... yet). Lauren did her best to nurse Thea and then I got her back to sleep.

Basically, I spent most of the rest of the day taking care of Thea, with the exception of the few hours we spent in the emergency room getting Lauren re-hydrated. She's feeling better, but not great, and Thea's off to bed for the night again. Here's hoping the rest of the night will be better than last night.
And just to add insult to injury: at the Emergency Room, I was using my new iPod Touch to play the Scrabble games that I would otherwise play through Facebook. It's been nice to add more opportunities to play my Scrabble games with friends, but today--I should have known--was not my day. I was playing a word that ended on a Triple Word space, but something about the interface wasn't working right and it played my incomplete word (which was still a valid word) before I got the last letter on the TW space. As a result, I missed out on 41 points that I should have gotten and gave away an extra 21 points to my opponent when she took the spot.

That I'm still holding onto a lead is, I think, beside the point.


  1. I hope Lauren is on the mend and no one else gets sick!

  2. Yikes. Being in the emergency room is never fun, but especially not a couple of days before Christmas. Having been there myself, I find that the closer you get to a major holiday, the crazier the ER is.

    We attachment parented too (well, we still do, although it becomes less of a thing once the kids are out of the toddler stage, or at least that's what I've found) and I well remember those days of nursing the baby down to sleep. People told me to avoid letting it happen too, but I said, screw that, they're only this little for a short short while, and I am going to make the most of it.