Monday, April 4, 2011

Total Crepers

In Oakland, there were a number of creperies around, and eventually we succumbed to temptation and ate at The Crepevine on College St. Our dessert crepes were quite good, and got us thinking about starting our own creperie when we get home, since our town lacks both crepe sources and punnily-named restaurant options. We just have to come up with the right name...

Crepetasic is Lauren's first choice, while I slightly favor Crepetacular.

But we have other options too, such as:

So Full of Crepe
Take A Big Crepe
Holy Crepe

That last would be perfect if we could buy an old church and turn it into our restaurant, a la The Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh.

Crepe on a Cracker has a certain ring to it, put probably takes our menu in a direction we don't want to go. Maybe that could be a special menu item, along with our Dog Crepe petfood line.

You may have the impression that our minds were in the creper through this whole exercise, but I assure you that was not the case. We also considered the dark, Viking-themed Crepe and Pillage, the more upbeat Crepe of Good Hope, and the exotic (and perhaps Eco-friendly) Crepe Verde.

Of course, in this economy, we might need to go the value route and open Barely Crepe-ing By, a budget creperie.


  1. Taking sound similarity in a different direction, I'm thinking "Kind of Crepey."

  2. I gather that The Crepes of Wrath is already taken?

  3. The Crepe Escape
    Shut your Crepe Hole

  4. You guys are cracking me up! Isn't That Crepe! You are so creative. I think you would do well with a creperie.

  5. Hilarious, and awesome! There's a place down the street from me called Crêpes à Latte. Clever. French. And tasty. You could steal their name.