Friday, December 9, 2022

Oh, Christmas tree

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
How lightless are your branches...

It’s a pre-lit tree and the lights have been gradually going out the past couple years. Probably we should make some effort to replace bulbs or add on some new strands, but honestly this is more emblematic of how we roll through life. 

If you look closely, you may see the cat, Zen, who thankfully is not inclined toward Christmas tree destruction. He does think the tree skirt is his bed though. The one dog bed pictured is the one of the three Brutus has available that he doesn’t sleep on. It was really Beaker’s bed, and more her size. 

Weirdly, as soon as I typed this, Brutus got up, went to Beaker’s bed, did a turn, then went back to the bed he was on and acted like he wanted to dig in it (it is very much not a diggable bed). After a few circuits and a few attempts, he lay back down. 

That's me watching the pets on a Friday night. Lauren is packing for a week away at Space Camp and the kids are writing a story (Beans), playing on the Nintendo Switch (A), and self-isolating in her room like the teen she almost is (T). 

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  1. I ended up just cutting the wires on my pre-lit tree and taking off as much as I could. Too much hassle to bother with! I like my tree and didn't want to get a new one. I just wrapped it with new lights for this year.