Saturday, December 16, 2023

The Repair Queen

 On the first day of her winter break, my wife declared loudly to the neighborhood "I am the queen of car repair!" She's not sure if the neighbors walking by heard or not, but we're hopeful that they will forever think of our house as "the home of the queen of car repair."

Some days earlier, she had stopped by Auto Zone and asked for a headlight for a Prius. The guy looked kind of hesitant and asked if she wanted them to install it. No, she said, I can do it. He looked a bit dubious, and she explained that she's done it a couple times now over the years. His hesitancy turned into amazement and they commiserated a bit about how hard it is to change Prius bulbs. But, he indicated, the Prius isn't as bad a s aJeep. Still. He would have been happy to have her demonstrate her prowess right there in the parking lot, but she declined. She felt sure she could do it, but how quickly was another matter. 

So this morning, she went out and changed the bulb in record time. Not sure if they redesigned the Prius since the last time (this is the first time she's done it on our new-to-us Prius), or if she's just that good--the queen, in fact.

And for her next amazing trick? We had seen a dent in the front bumper. She boiled water and we poured it over the dent and--just before we ran out of water--the dent popped right out. Physics for the win! Long live the queen!

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  1. Very impressive! I changed the bulb in my old Civic once. It was a heady feeling.