Monday, March 28, 2011

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Almost two weeks ago, I wrote about mentally pushing through the first symptoms of a something (cold? sinus infection? bubonic plague?) to keep working out. Two weeks later, I'm still dealing with crud in my sinuses and throat. Some days it's seemed like I was just about over it, some days it's seemed like I'm nowhere close to being over it, and yesterday was one of the latter. This morning isn't great either. I'm typing this blog while I wait for the Dr.'s office to open, probably to tell me that they can't see me today.

Which will be a shame, because I don't have a great window for getting this taken care of. Lauren and I have non-refundable tickets to fly to San Francisco on Tuesday, and I hear flying with sinus problems is only slightly more fun than flying with a baby with sinus problems (fortunately, except for a day of sniffles each, neither my wife nor daughter have showed signs of being as miserable as I've been).

I should have gone to a doctor before now, but right after break started, we made our way out to Ohio, as alluded to in Saturday's post. We were staying with my mom, who no longer has internet (and since she previously had painfully slow dial-up, it's arguable whether she's ever actually had internet). Yet, you may have noticed, I blogged with more regularity than I managed in, well, quite some time. The reason for that is that I made an effort to write up some blogs to post each day while I was gone. There's something a bit peculiar about the fact that I can sometimes blog more regularly when I'm not able to blog regularly but instead blog in a burst and then let the results trickle out.

Now we're heading out to San Francisco tomorrow, and I doubt that I'll have enough blogs written up to see me through the week, but it's not completely impossible. I've got a few already. We won't be taking our computers along, though we will have internet access and our iPods, but a touchpad isn't exactly the best way to blog.
Well, I did get through to the doctor this morning and broke off writing this entry so that I could head to the office to get checked out. It turns out I have a cold, albeit a particularly long-lasting one. A ridiculously long-lasting one, in my opinion. I think I've got it all figured out though--normally, a cold lasts a week. Lauren and Thea only had to suffer through one day, so where did those other six days go? That's right--I took them upon myself. I'm going through three weeks of a cold so that they don't have. They haven't offered a thank you, but they are welcome.

Since I apparently have no choice in the matter.

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