Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sinful Saturday

I missed my Food Friday opportunity yesterday, missing with it my chance to talk about the good, Weight Watchers friendly food we've eaten this week. So instead, I'll dig into the darker side of my culinary psyche for today's post.

You see, last week, Lauren (actually, our nanny on Lauren's behalf) made cupcakes for her Mentor-Mentee group. There was some batter leftover. Cake batter is not particularly W-W friendly, but it's a damned shame to waste anything in this economic climate, so this afternoon, while Lauren was safely away from home, I made use of that batter, but not to make cupcakes, not to make a regular cake. No. Something better.

Because, you see, the best part of cake--IMHO--is the icing (or, if you prefer, frosting). The actual cake may be good in and of itself too, but that's really secondary. Especially if we're talking about a cream cheese icing. I could eat that on wads of scrap paper.

So what I did was use my cake batter to make something resembling a pancake, a thin version of cake, to which I added cream cheese icing. Perfect. I may never bake a full-sized cake again now that I've discovered this brilliancy.


  1. I love that you're confessing to this. I love that there are other adults who love cream cheese frosting as much as I do.

    Hope you're well.

  2. Did you roll it up or eat it like a pancake?

    Cream cheese frosting is only fit for carrot cake.

  3. Only fit for--?! Marcy, that's the most ridiculous culinary injunction I've ever heard. In the first place, it should be obvious that besides being perfect for carrot cake (note, I said perfect, not merely "fit"), cream cheese frosting is also perfect for pumpkin cake and the related pumpkin roll.

    But even leaving that aside, cream cheese frosting is just amazing. As I think I've already made clear above (actually, I just looked back and saw that the grammatical constuction was atrocious right there--I'll fix that as soon as I finish this comment).

  4. Oh, and I ate it like a pancake. If I didn't stack pancakes three or four high. And if I did smear frosting all over my pancakes. :)

  5. In this climate of food awareness and budgetary tightness, I've become very reluctant to cook more than I can either consume or freeze for later consumption, and also reluctant to throw away something because I have more than the recipe calls for, or it's left over, or whatever. So I'm getting creative.

    Did you know that broccoli with a smattering of peanut butter ain't bad? Ain't particularly good, but eminently edible. Now that the broccoli has served as a meal, I'm eyeing that batch of lentils....