Monday, December 19, 2011

Moving loads, mostly just dumping off

At the end of some days, you're so tired to can't sleep. Yesterday was one of those, and I feel another one coming on tonight.

You see, my wife and I are educators, and right after we sent the students to their scattered homes for break, we went into super-home-packer mode, as we're moving from our apartment into a house to make room for the upcoming addition to the family. Yesterday morning, I was up bright and early (thanks dog!) so I spent some time before 7 am building shelves in the basement of our new house, then came home and started ferrying good from one place to the other. Lauren set the goal for us to sleep in our new house last night, so like Cortez burning his ships, we packed our bed first (it's a Sleep Number, so we had to disassemble it), ensuring that we had to get at least that much done yesterday.

We did, but only just barely--it was close to midnight until any of us--including the 2-year-old--got to bed. Then the two year old woke up just about once an hour all night. And then the dog woke me around 6:15, which made me awake even if I didn't want to be, so I decided to go one further than Lauren: we would not only spend our first night in the new house, we'd have our first breakfast there. I just had to, you know, go back to the old apartment and get the supplies for breakfast!

Then we spent all day moving stuff. Thankfully, we had friends to help us. Our friend Marcy came over and spent 4 hours in the morning helping us pack, then she tagged out and her husband tagged in, helping us through the afternoon. About the same time, another colleague (Eric) showed up with high school boys in tow--yes! Eric had something else in tow: a trailer. With his trailer plus my truck bed plus four of us to load and unload while Mark and Lauren prepped things to be packed, we were able to work steadily. I should note that everything happened on a different schedule than we'd intended: we had originally planned to move Tuesday, but the weather reports called for snow/rain all day, which sounded like better unpacking weather than anything else. So even though we weren't really that ready, we made today The Big Move. Like I said, it worked out well, though. We didn't get our apartment totally cleared out (worse comes to worst, we have 'til the end of the month), but we got everything moved that we need help with, all the two-person jobs. With Lauren pregnant, we literally couldn't have done this, but even beyond this our friends were such a huge help to us today.

Now we're surrounded by boxes that, for the most part, are a random assortment of things that all just happened to fit into a box together.


  1. Congrats on a successful move! The last time we moved was 25 years ago -- I hope the next time is when we move into the old folks' home.

  2. I didn't know you have another baby on the way! Congratulations!

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  4. (Sorry, I forgot which online hat I had on there.)

    I'm exhausted just reading about it. Mr. K and Ie sent our Sleep Number bed back before the end of the trial period--I think our sleep numbers are imaginary. :)