Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There's no Santa Claus?!

On Facebook, a friend of mine wrote about her 9-year-old daughter finding out that (spoiler alert) there is no Santa Claus. She asked all of her friends when their kids found out. They told all these stories about how their children had been disillusioned in this regard. Since our daughter's just approaching 2, she barely comprehends Santa Claus, except to know that if she's good Santa will bring her a kitchen.

So, lacking a story to share, I just made something up:

My daughter is almost two and we've already told her straight up that there's no Santa Claus, no Easter Bunny, no Tooth Fairy, and no God. She also knows that life is dark and meaningless. There's nothing cuter than hearing a 2-year-old say "I'm a nihilist."
I don't really remember when or how I stopped believing in Santa Claus, but I suppose it was ultimately good practice.

What about you? Do you have a story to share, either about when you found out or when your kids did?


  1. Oddly enough the belief in Santa Claus seemed to be something that I just grew out of. Nobody ever said to me "Santa isn't real". Of course it was fully confirmed for me the year Santa didn't come because "Santa" overslept. ;)

  2. Sheesh, the guy only works one night a year and he oversleeps! :D

  3. I was about 8, I think. I sort of knew that the jolly old elf wasn't real, but that suspicion was confirmed when I woke up late Christmas Eve and saw my parents carrying the presents down from the attic.

  4. My brother told me when I was 5. It was like a house of cards. As soon as I realized Santa wasn't real, I figured the easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy were elaborate hoaxes, too. Sigh.

  5. There was no big revelation. I really wanted to believe in Santa but he had the same handwriting as mama and used our giftwrap.

  6. Oh, the disbelief is raising :)