Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve: Some Assembly Required

We got to play Santa's Little Helpers tonight, putting together this:

Lauren had read on-line that it took a couple hours to put together. We hit a snag with the very first shelf, when the bolt didn't fit into the housing right. So after a few choice words, we moved on without it. If we need to, we can drill a hole and fix it later. It seemed to go pretty smoothly after that, and Lauren concluded that the people complaining about how long it took to put together must be idiots. Soon after that, our daughter woke up unhappy, so Lauren had to go get her to sleep, which meant that I had to finish without her (my sister-in-law Emily helped!). It took an hour and forty-five minutes, and there was a bit more frustration, but hey, it came together, which I guess makes me only slightly brighter than... oh well.

When she came out in the morning, she was still too dazed to be entirely excited, but the kitchen is vying with the doll house right now for "best toy ever." She also got pots and pans to go with it, so we had to nudge her to keep opening presents, or she would have spent all morning cooking "like Dada."

My sister-in-law and I also wrapped up a gift for my brother-in-law. He will never guess what it is:

Pretty cleverly disguised, don't you think? If you want, I can reveal in a future post what is wrapped up here.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Love it. On the Colbert Report, he did a segment about stores no longer offering gift wrap services, and he said that he's terrible at wrapping, then he pulled out what appeared to be a gift-wrapped hockey stick and said it's a pair of earrings for his wife. (I probably didn't do that justice....)

    Hope you're having a lovely Christmas!

  2. The golden rule of toy assembly is: There is always one piece left over. ;-) Merry Christmas!

  3. Love the kitchen!! My husband always has the assembly job around here because I can never make sense of the directions with that stuff.

    Merry Christmas!