Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scarier: Santa or a 1000-pound animal?

Someone got her first pony (okay, horse) ride yesterday. She warmed up on this beast:

And then she insisted that she wanted to ride a real horse:

And we walked her all the way around the riding arena, no problem. She was way calmer sitting on a horse than when she sat on Santa's lap last year. Heck, she was calmer on the horse than she is on grandpa's lap. I'm still laying even money that she cries when she sits on Santa's lap this year, though she did seem okay with getting a present from a horseback-mounted Santa yesterday. But again, there was a horse involved, so it's too early to call. Santa gave her this:

However, as you may be able to notice, its right rear leg is a little gimpy. I'm afraid we're going to have to put it down. Ah, the lessons the Christmas season can teach our children.


  1. Too cute! She is such a sweet pea! Amazing that she feels so comfortable on a horse. You just never know with children what will become a real interest and what will either scare or disgust them. Part of the fun/challenge of being part of their lives.

  2. I think it comes down to primordial instincts. Horses occur in nature; Santa doesn't.