Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh what a night!

But not that way.

Today, among my other responsibilities, I had to make a pitch about why I should move forward in the promotion process. As a result, I stayed up later than I'd have liked last night, given that I also had to be at the fitness center at 6:00 am to lead a class.

Naturally, going to bed wasn't bad enough--at 1:15, the dog woke me because she needed to go out. I fumbled my way into some clothes and stumbled my way the the door, then slid squishily the last foot or so to her leash. Wait. Slid squishily? Yeah, that's right--the dog had already pooped on the floor, and I stepped right into it or, anyway, slid right through it, smearing it just so.

I love this dog, but she almost didn't live to see daybreak. I did take her out, I didn't LEAVE her out as I was tempted to do, and I made some bleary effort to clean it up. Actually, I wasn't nearly as bleary as I'd have like to have been--stepping in dog crap does tend to wake you up.

An hour later, our daughter, from her cot next to our bed, woke up wailing. She had a bad dream, she was wet... let's just say she probably couldn't have been more upset if she'd been the one running into dog doo. Lauren, knowing it would take a while to settle her and that I had to be up early, so she suggested I might be happier in the other bedroom.

Grabbing my pillow, phone, and water bottle, I made my way into that room. The bed lay covered in all sorts of things, so I lay my burdens down to sweep everything else off. It's a shame the water bottle wasn't shut all the way, as it spilled over an area including the middle and one side of the twin bed. So I huddled into a dry spot and did my best to ignore my child's cries from the next room. I do think I got back to sleep before Lauren, so that's something.

I'm going to bed earlier tonight, made sure the dog's been out, and I'll hope for the best.


  1. Oh, John. I know it wasn't funny at the time, but it sure is a funny story to tell - right? I mean... kinda? Too soon? ;)

    We all have those days/nights/evenings/mornings/weekeneds/weeks/etc. Hope last night was better. =)


  2. No, it's absolutely a funny story to tell--I probably wouldn't have told it if I wasn't already able to laugh about it. Heck, I think I was starting to narrate it by the time I fell asleep (the third time, that is).

  3. I have three dogs of my own, and we're currently fostering an 8 month old aussie/lab mix who doesn't know the meaning of NO or STOP or OFF (or sleep), so believe me when I say that I completely empathize with the first half of your post.

    The baby part, I can't speak to.

    (Also, meant to comment on your cafe writing submissions earlier, but didn't because life's a bit crazy - but I read and loved them - Forgive me?)

  4. In her defense, I should add that our pup isn't entirely to blame--she's had two major back surgeries in her short little life, so we should probably just be glad that she can run around and enjoy life and that's she's not incontinent. And only poops in the house a few times a week, and usually in broad daylight. :)

    As for the cafe writing submissions, no problem. I had really wanted to write a story based on the photo of the farmer with his laptop out in the field, but I just didn't get around to it--I'm telling myself I will eventually, though, because the idea's still there and bouncing around with other ideas.