Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Cinema

Recently, two movies we'd ordered from Netflix kept each other company for three months or so. Although I haven't done a cost-benefit analysis, something tells me that providing semi-permanent decorations for the top of our entertainment center is probably not the best use we could be making of our Netflix subscription.

That, of course, was during the school year. Now that we have two months of summer stretching out before us, we may be able to make up for lost time and, indeed, we've started that process, aided and abetted by a purchase I made back in the spring for the benefit of the cadets in my barrack. One of my fellow Counselors had suggested the Epson MovieMate projector/DVD player, and it turned out to be a very popular purchase. With a bit of clear wall space or a hung sheet, my boys can have big-screen experiences in the lounge or their own rooms, watching DVDs, movies from their computer, or hooking up their game systems for big-screen tournaments. All very well and good, but now it's summer and the projector needs a home. It's like the class hamster: somebody has to take care of it over vacation (and it cannot be flushed if care is not provided). So it's up to me to bear that burden.

Last night we watched Pandorum on our own big screen, streamed from Netflix without even getting a DVD in the mail. Between our two DVD allotment and the ability to watch many movies and TV shows instantly, I suspect we will be making up for lost time this summer, especially since I'm not working at a job as such and the research Lauren's doing up at Notre Dame is something she can leave behind at the end of the day. Now, if we can just get our girl to bed at a reasonable hour each night....

Note: we will need to go to the drive-in at least once this summer, to see a certain movie that comes out July 15.

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