Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Yesterday, my beloved alma mater sent a calendar to me and my wife, to thank us for our support. Cool, thanks! Waaaay better than the one my insurance agent gave me (no offense, Erie Insurance!). However, a few of the pictures raised some questions. Like this one.

I mean, do I really need to see a kid texting? Is this somehow picturesque now? Behold the college student in his natural habitat. He can spend up to 20 hours per day like this, in a staring match with his phone. 

Should I assume that this current generation of students do nothing but stare at their phones all day? Because that's what I'm assuming. Look, he's lost all interest in normal activities like biking, so great is his phone addiction! 

Oh, actually, I guess we should be proud of this youngster. He's not texting and biking. So thanks for that. 

I think the message here is "we can't afford to build more than token fencing, but we do have a certain artistic flair. Please send money.

This poor girl has nowhere to study in peace, so she has taken her books to this tree as the best available option. For just $5 per day, you can help build a library or fund a study area within one of our existing academic buildings. Please donate today.

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