Saturday, December 4, 2021

I don't always go to Starbucks, but when I do...

 I’m not a big Starbucks guy, but I’m also not not a Starbucks guy. And during the holiday season, I like to stop in and get… the same non-holiday drink that I get every time: grande flat white with heavy cream. It’s probably 1000 calories of pure fat lovingly wrapped around 1000 mg of caffeine, and I love it. 

That said, I don’t go out of my way for it. I'm happy to save $5 and make it myself. 

But... when I drop my kids off at school there is a Starbucks right there. Right. There. It’s almost cheaper and easier than not stopping at Starbucks. Especially since I can order through the app, barely ever wait, not talk to anyone, and theoretically earn rewards.

So on Monday, when I was tired and pressed for time after dropping them off, it just made sense  But for the first time, the store I usually order from was “not available for mobile ordering.” What??

It’s amazing how something that a few years ago was an amazing advance in food and drink logistics is now something I expect, to the point where I’m more than a little pissed off and baffled. How dare they expect me to come in and wait in line and order. So I just went home.

But then on Friday, after a full week of lousy sleep, I was again taking my kids to school, checked the app, and it let me order, no problem. I got an extra shot of espresso for good measure and was once again caffeinated and content.  


  1. I always come in to work with a Starbucks cup and apparently people think I get something really fancy, because they ask me sometimes. I'm like, "No, just a latte." 99% of the time it's just a latte, although I did break pattern this week and get a peppermint mocha one day.

  2. Our nearest Starbucks closes early in the afternoon now (staffing issues, I think), which grieves me. But the next nearest one is fine, so my points are still useful.

  3. I have never had Starbucks! I drink a cup of coffee in the morning and that's it. We sure do get spoiled for technology and it becomes the 'norm' really quickly.