Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013 Recap

Earlier, I recapped of the set-up for Christmas day and told about the start of the day. Here, we pick up the story from when the girls started opening their presents.

Our youngest doesn't quite know what to do with the Jumpolene. Or the beanbag chair, apparently. She did figure out the former before the day was done.
Our oldest knew exactly what the new purse is for.
My wife didn't want me in this picture, but I inserted myself. And my coffee mug inserted itself, too.
See? She's just stinkin' cute!
And she's already to start conducting the family Christmas carol sing...
Here, she gets her first good look at her new cousin. How will she react?
About like this, apparently.
I just liked the way this picture got both of our girls and (a glimpse of) their cousin.  And the Aunt Emmy they all share.
Lauren wasn't going to be denied her time with the wee babe, and our older girl gets to know her a bit better too.
After 11 straight hours of Christmas, at 5:45, our younger appeared to give up the ghost. Sadly, she got her second wind a couple hours later and is still going strong as I type.
Her sister, on the other hand, lost the battle with sleep right in the middle of a delicious, delicious brownie. Sweet dreams, sweetpea!

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  1. Oh my, the little ones look all tired out!!! Mine managed to keep going alll day, but they slept until almost noon on the 26th!! Love the jumpolene! We had something similar and it was a hit - until some rowdy older boys popped it.