Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snowed In

Okay, if this bird is snowed in like we are, rather than out of town for the winter, then he/she is in some serious trouble. We could easily get out and go if we really wanted to, but why would we do something like that? It's so nice inside, and so nice to be able to stay inside. We've appreciated the chance to clean up the house a bit, do laundry, clear out the clothes that don't fit the girls any more, that kind of thing.

It's also been wonderful to spend time with the girls, just goofing off.

Our older daughter looks sad to be trapped inside... of an ornament.

And in another variation on the picture within a picture idea, we see the other apple of her daddy's eye also loves the Christmas ornaments, especially... that one!

Here's hoping these two will be making beautiful music together for many years to come (first, they'll have to actually learn how to make music, as distinct from random, pitched noise, but it's a nice picture, anyway...).
(photo credits: the four best photos here come from Lauren Coil-Sherck)

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