Sunday, December 22, 2013

Under Pressure: Thank You

We've made the trip to Ohio, with the first stop being my Mom's place. It's nice to see her and she's a works very hard to be a good host, but for those of us who are super-connected, it's a tough place to be. She has no internet--not even dial-up--and our cell phone reception is spotty. She also doesn't have a DVD player, and the first night we were here, the DirecTV was out.

I'm getting coffee and internet while Lauren and I are out Christmas shopping--Mom is watching the girls and basically shooed us out to go get our shopping done.

But I'm feeling the pressure to write a blog entry and post it while I can, but I can't decide what to say. So I guess I'll just say a big thank you--thank you to my mother for watching our girls, thank you to the weather for finally clearing up after two days of rain, thank you to the other drivers on the road Saturday for not wrecking into us, thank you to my wife for letting me sit here and stew about writing this (hey, I let her stay in Toys 'R' Us too, so fair is fair).

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