Sunday, December 15, 2013

Keep On Shoveling

I guess the flip side to all of the posts I've had this weekend about being snowed in is that at some point we've got to get ourselves snowed out. So this afternoon, it was time to pull out the shovel. 

And there are a couple reasons I'm sure I looked strange shoveling my driveway today.

The first, of course, is the mere fact that I was shoveling my driveway. In this place and time, the have-nots either have a snow-blower that they have to push or else pay someone else to plow their driveway. From there, you move up to having either a blade or a snow-blower on their lawnmower or straight-up having a tractor of some sort. What they do not do is shovel driveways that are the length of ours.

The second is because I look like an absolute doofus shoveling. Shoveling is, of course, hard work, and it can be particularly hard on the back if you're bending over, which is natural to do. So I shovel in a way that looks completely unnatural, kind of squatting on each scoop to keep my back upright. And looking completely goofy doing it, no doubt. But hey, I shoveled a whole lot of snow and I feel like I've had a back workout, not a back blowout, so if looking like a goober is the cost of that... so be it.

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