Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pigging Out On Chocolate

Okay, seriously: I'm not turning this blog into "all about home chocolate-making." But please bear with me--a pun you'll understand if you've read the previous posts--as I say one last thing. You see, although I've settled into coconut oil as my preferred fat, I did decide a few weeks ago that I wanted to give at least one more fat a try. There are some fats that are just so darned appealing that they deserve a place in any fat-based experimentation that one chooses to do.

Thus, for the past couple weeks, I have been saving my bacon grease. And while it's something of a sacrifice not to have my daily eggs or omelet floating on an ocean of bacon fat, and then drizzling what isn't absorbed over the finished product, well, what can I say? Sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the greater good. The greater good flavor, I mean.

So I recently experimented with making this chocolate (though the directions I give are slightly better in the peanut butter version) but using mostly bacon grease instead of either coconut oil or butter. As it turned out, the flavor was only mildly bacony (or porkish, if you prefer), but I did quite like the texture--a bit creamier than either coconut oil or butter. And considering the cost of coconut oil or pastured butter, it felt good to be getting my fat source "for free" (or, anyway, for the inconvenience of not having eaten--or drank--it for breakfast).

I should note that I actually ended up using a mix of bacon grease and coconut oil, because I didn't have enough of the former--but then, does anyone, ever, really?

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