Sunday, December 1, 2019

Holidailies Intro

I've been doing Holidailies long enough, and the community of participating bloggers seems small enough, that I almost feel like an introduction at this point is superfluous.

Then again, I'm not the same person this year that I was last year. Are we ever?

This time last year, I was on hiatus from a career in education, staying at home with our 2-going-on-3-year-old and job hunting. This time this year, that hiatus was extended indefinitely and I've started a new career. After 17 years in education, teaching English and music and working most recently as a student life administrator, I suddenly find myself as a software developer working for a corporation that's large enough to make even the largest school I worked at look like a tiny mom-and-pop.

It's a whole new world, in more ways than one.

Other things, however, have not changed. I'm still an occasional--at best--writer and blogger. Still a father to three girls and a husband to one woman. Still singing in a couple choirs, still reading a lot of books, still cultivating a large range of diverse interests.

Still excited to be back at Holidailies and committing to blogging for one month out of the year, getting back to writing, getting back to reading others' writing, being in community with all you fine people.

Happy Holidailies!


  1. Nice to see you again... Happy Holidailies!

  2. I'm glad to "see" you here at Holidailies again!

  3. Yay, glad you decided to join the fun. I transitioned from accountant to software developer many years ago ... perhaps a less jarring change than you've experienced.

    1. My transition has been kind of a strange thing. I went to a bootcamp to learn to code, got hired based on that, and... do almost no coding. I'm glad to have a job, especially one that pays well, but I was hoping for a different kind of challenge.